• Bainville


    Bainville was named for postmaster Charles Bain when the office opened in 1904. (from Cheney’s Names on the Face of…

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  • Brockton


    Brockton, thirteen miles east of Poplar, has been described as a "wind-swept village on the prairie." A few miles north…

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  • Culbertson


    Culbertson is located in Northeastern Montana, 23 miles from the North Dakota line and 60 miles from the Canadian border.…

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  • Froid


    Froid is near Medicine Lake and the North Dakota border. One theory is that the name was suggested by division…

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  • Poplar


    The area around Poplar began attracting residents as early as 1860, when Charles Larpenteur built a trading post at the…

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  • Wolf Point

    Wolf Point

    Wolf Point is the county seat of Roosevelt County and is the largest city in the county, boasting a population…

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