Roosevelt County in Montana is a very isolated yet amazing place to live in Northeastern Montana.  No matter where you are at in Roosevelt County you are about 5 to 10 minutes minutes away from getting a line wet and relaxing by a river or being in a thick brush or open field enjoying the wild life.  The sense of community in every town is one of many reasons to live on Roosevelt County.  The communities really rally together when people are in need or tragedies have struck within that community.  Being able to see every star in the sky and not pollution is another great reason living in Roosevelt County is great.  The fresh air, quiet surroundings, and lack of traffic are other benefits that come with living in a town or country in Roosevelt County, minus the yearly harvesting season equipment which in itself is also a great time of year for gatherings and helping people in need.  Roosevelt County is just a simple life with few distractions that come with big cities, also people spend time together hanging out, and everybody pretty much knows everybody or a relation to you.  Roosevelt County is by far one of the top counties to live in here in Montana.

Mr. Frank Gourneau, 4th Grade Teacher - Poplar Elementary School